Welcome to Gokul Farm

Your local quality dates producer.

The Gokul Fresh Farm is family-owned and run. The Gokul Fresh Farm has been established for date growing by Mr Dhanji Halai in the year 2008 as a hobby. Initially started growing Barhi Dates palm trees in 2008, we now have 100 fully certified palm trees on the farm.

Mr Dhanji Halai is a pioneer in growing barhi dates in WA. Since the establishment of date farm in 2008, We have been producing and delivering over very large quality of premium quality dates every year to the local community, reginally and nationally.

Gokul Fresh Farm is one of the largest Australia Date's producers in WA. We are located in Belhus, a North West Perth Region located in the beautiful in Swan Valley. We cover 11 Acres of areas growing Australia Dates.

The Dates are wonderfully delicous, rich in nutritions and energy booster food.

Dates are very high in iron & Potassium.
Date fruits are also rich in minerals like calcium, manganese, copper, and magnesium.
Dates containes high concentrated of anti-oxidants.
Improves brain functionality and reduces teh risk of cancer.
Prevents microbial infections.
Helps fight diabetes.

On top of above, there are many other benefits of consuming dates will help you maintain your healthy life style.
  • 8 Leake Place, Belhus WA, Australia
  • Please note that the Farm is closed to the Public.